Important Facts About Dental Implants

Many people in the local community are missing teeth, and the effects are both emotional and physical. When they’re missing teeth, a person cannot smile, laugh, or eat with confidence. For such problems, Dental Implants Downtown Chicago offers a safe, permanent solution. Here, patients will learn a few important facts about dental implants and how they help patients live healthier, more confident lives.

They’re Almost as Strong as a Patient’s Real Teeth

Dental implants are the only replacement option that almost matches the durability and strength of a patient’s natural teeth. These advanced appliances can restore a person’s biting force, and they’re strong because they’re made of biocompatible titanium. When the implant is placed, the jawbone heals around it, making it part of the patient’s body.

It’s a Predictable Procedure

Many patients get nervous when they hear the word “surgery”. However, dental implant surgeries are very predictable, with a 98% success rate. While there are a few important requirements for patients, as long as they have enough bone to support the implant, they’re a good candidate.

No More Cavities, Ever

Natural teeth are wonderful, but they sometimes fail because of gum disease, ordinary wear and tear, and cavities. These conditions, especially cavities, weaken the teeth and must be filled to prevent decay. Fortunately, cavities aren’t a problem when Dental Implants Downtown Chicago are involved. Because they’re made of titanium, they don’t develop cavities. Once the surgical site has healed, implants can be flossed and brushed just like natural teeth.

Don’t Wait, Schedule an Appointment Now

As we’ve shown here, dental implants come with numerous benefits even natural teeth can’t match. Dental Implants Downtown Chicago can restore a patient’s chewing ability as well as their smile. To learn more about the process, visit or call Dental Specialists of North Shore for an appointment.

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