Important Information about Chronic Pain

Besides the obvious issues caused by chronic pain, there are a number of other downsides that a person should be aware of. For those who have to live with and endure chronic pain, knowing the information here can be quite beneficial in better understanding the situation you are in.

It’s Not All in Your Head
People who are in pain are often treated as if it is all in their head or as if they are exaggerating the problem. While it is true that there are some people who report pain because of a personal or financial issue, for most, pain is a real and present issue. It is not made up.

The real issue is that chronic pain is often the result of anatomical issues that are difficult or completely impossible to diagnose with traditional medical tests. Also, pain is not able to be diagnosed like other types of medical issues, such as broken bones that can be seen on an x-ray.

Chronic Pain Issues Often Cause Disuse Syndrome
In some cases, chronic pain will lead to a lack of physical activity for a long period of time. As a result, the condition referred to as disuse syndrome may occur. This syndrome can result in a negative impact to the psychological, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and neurological processes. When it reaches its worst, it can lead to a pervasive lack of well-being, which in and of itself can be extremely debilitating.

Issues with Depression and Sleeping
Emotions and thoughts related to the chronic pain issue can also occur, which may aggravate the pain. For example, in cases of depression the pain can become worse. Also, issues getting enough sleep because of the pain that is experienced can also make the pain more severe. In most cases, an increase in pain will lead to an increase in sleep problems, as well.

Being in pain all the time can become lonely. There are some who will become distant from you, simply because they are tired of hearing about your problems. The key to overcoming all of these issues is to seek help and treatment. At Coastal Spine and Pain a treatment plan can be created based on your pain and its underlying cause. There is no reason to continue suffering when there is help available for treatment of this debilitating issue and relief is available for the issues present.

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