Important Information on Spousal Support in Dayton, OH

There are many different terms that people who are going through their first divorce may not quite understand. Often times they’ll hear two terms, alimony and spousal support, and think that they are different. The fact is that alimony and Spousal Support in Dayton OH are the same thing. In essence, these are financial payments to delineate compensation for the well-being of a spouse that doesn’t earn a great deal of money. This type of payment covers things such as clothing, lodging and perhaps furthering their own career now that the marriage has ended.

With people going through divorce, the question arises, will the spouses qualify for any sort of spousal support payments. A lot of this depends on the particular situation. In instance where one spouse is the main financial provider and the other one isn’t, a certain type of alimony payment will likely be ordered by the courts for the spouse that makes less. This is especially prevalent if someone is making less so that their spouse can have a better career.

In reality, there are typically four different types of alimony payments that a spouse can qualify for. For example, temporary alimony payments can be made to a spouse who isn’t the main financial provider of the family while the divorce is in process. There is also rehabilitative alimony. This type of spousal support in Dayton OH is a temporary arrangement that continues until the lesser earning spouse has the ability to support themselves financially.

One of the most commonly known types is permanent alimony. This is a spousal support payment plan that continues for a lesser earning spouses lifetime, or until the recipient remarries. In cases where one spouse has financially contributed to the other spouses career, such as educational expenses and financial provision for the family, while the other spouse was training for a career, reimbursement alimony can be allotted.

There many different things to consider with alimony, and this is separate from all the other issues that may be involved in the divorce proceedings. That’s why it’s important to speak with an attorney to understand any possible options you may have for spousal support. Before you get your hopes up for such a financial arrangement, it’s important to Contact Albert and Krochmal Attorneys to discuss these matters in person.

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