Important Reasons to Consult With An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Torrance CA

When people tie the knot, it is considered one of the happiest times of their lives. Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce just a few short years after saying “I do.” When it’s time to break this bond permanently, discover the critical reasons to consult with an experienced Divorce Attorney in Torrance CA.

Superior Mediation

Deciding to separate is a significant decision for the couple and their children. Each choice has an impact on every member of the family. Work with a caring legal representation who can provide superior mediation to help couples amicably resolve outstanding issues quickly.

Filing for Divorce

A divorce can be uncontested, which means both parties agree to the terms. Or, if a couple is unable to decide about the conditions, a contested divorce could be the answer. Discuss the options with a reputable Divorce Attorney in Torrance CA who can provide critical legal advice.

Child Custody and Support

Once a couple decides to separate and file for divorce, the most significant concern is usually ensuring the children are cared for properly. Child custody and support issues can get heated when a couple don’t agree or think a child could be compromised in certain situations. Consult with an attorney who can ensure the children are protected and supported every step of the way.


When a family splits, the children go through many changes. Establishing visitation with the non-custodial parent is essential to maintaining parent-child relationships. A lawyer can help create a visitation schedule everyone can live with even during times such as holidays and vacations.

Domestic Violence

If a family splits due to domestic violence and abuse, it is crucial to protect the injured parties from further incidents. Often the abused party files for a restraining order to avoid potential conflicts. An attorney provides advice to help protect the victims of domestic violence.

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