Improve Lunchtime With A Luxury Lunch Bag

Are you tired of traveling to work with a brown paper lunch bag? Then consider a stylish and practical leather lunch bag that keeps your food fresh while you are on the go. More importantly, the leather lunch bags made by T|W Tote are insulated and perfect for all your travel needs.

About leather lunch bags

You can think of them as luxury lunch boxes that have two insulated compartments that separate your cold items from your warm ones. Furthermore, they are unisex, and they have outside pockets that can hold cell phones or even diapers for infants.

There’s never been a better way to get your lunch from home to work than with a professional lunch bag. Each of the lunch bags are hand sewn and the exteriors of the bags are made with vegan leather. The linings are also made with high-tech polymers and are resistant to stains.

After you get one, you’ll never want to carry your lunch around in a plastic bag again! To buy a leather lunch bag, visit the T|W Tote website at

Get ready to turn co-workers’ heads at work with your fashionable lunch bag.

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