Improve Your Building’s Safety

Building access control systems in Schaumburg make your facility safer and more secure. You will not have to worry about people entering your property at times of the day that you do not want them to be there. You can also set up access limits to specific people for after-hours admission into the building. With our control systems, you set up customized options for different times of the day and different members of your staff.

You can use our control systems to track who comes and goes from your building. You can see when they entered and when they exited. If you suspect that a person has falsified their timekeeping records, you can verify their hours with the control system’s records. If you need to fire an employee, or you have a worker quit their job, you can update the control system to exclude them from access to all parts of the building.

Our control systems can be installed for the doors of the building. We can also install them on electronic gates to parking lots. Our systems reduce the chance of theft from your property. They also lessen the risk of vandalism. You will not have to concern yourself with unauthorized access. We can even customize the control systems so that different people can have access to different rooms or areas within a building. Perhaps the first floor is open to the public, but you want access to the basement to be limited to staff.

When you need to improve your building’s safety, SMG Security Holdings LLC is the right choice. Give us a call today to learn more about our building access control systems near Schaumburg. You may also visit us online for additional details about our control systems and installation services.

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