Improve Your Refrigeration System in California

Whether you operate a cafeteria, are the manager of a large kitchen, own a restaurant or are the proprietor of a store, you need quality refrigeration systems and accessories in California. We are proud to offer a full selection of these products. Our products are designed with energy efficiency in mind. After some years of use, they may even pay for themselves because of your lower energy bills.

We design refrigeration systems and accessories for a variety of purposes. If you need to replace all of your old refrigeration units for perishable foods and beverages, we are the right choice. We have a large stock of standard-sized items available for installation right away. We also offer customized refrigeration systems and accessories. Perhaps your walk-in refrigerator’s door no longer seals properly. Maybe you need more shelving to fit into your existing walk-in refrigeration unit. We are the right choice for your refrigeration systems and accessories.

Our team designs and manufactures refrigeration systems for different uses. We can set up your brewery or pub refrigeration. If you have a wine store or restaurant, we can install a large walk-in refrigeration unit to hold all of your daily deliveries of perishable foods and beverages. Our units can handle produce, dairy, alcohol, meats and other foodstuffs.

We also design refrigeration units for medical and veterinary uses. You might need one to store insulin or vaccinations. Just let us know what your application is, and we will make the quality products.

When you are in need of refrigeration systems and accessories in California, contact us at TKS Cold Storage MFG & Construction. We are happy to tell you about our products and their features.

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