In A Fort Lauderdale Remodel, How Many Times Can Plantation Shutters Be Repainted?

Homeowners usually only remodel their homes once before selling it. Outside this, homeowners frequently switch things up such as getting new window treatments or painting rooms. How many times can plantation shutters in Fort Lauderdale be repainted to match the rooms?

Prepping The Wood

Any wood object needs to be prepped properly for the new coat of paint to have something to which to stick. That means sanding down the wood. A coat of primer would be next. With the wood properly prepped, the paint will adhere with no weak spots in the paint job. When this is done to any wood object, it can be repainted multiple times, saving the homeowner the cost of new plantation shutters.

It Requires A Professional

Homeowners who elect to save a few bucks and do it themselves run into snags applying paint to plantation shutters in Fort Lauderdale. You’ll get more paint on the edges of the slats than on the length. They’ll drip. You’ll paint the shutters “closed.” What you need is a proper paint pumping system, one used by many if not all professional painters.

The kind of paint spraying system you get at the hardware store only sprays paint. A pump spraying system reduces the paint to a fine spray which is better for dealing with details like the shutter frame. It gives the professional a light, even coat of paint with no weak spots or drips. All Kinds Of Blinds of South Florida knows plantation shutters and can tell you much more when you contact us at

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