Increase A Building’s Energy Efficiency With Blow In Insulation in Wichita Falls, TX

When a person is building or remodeling a commercial or residential building, they should consider adding Blow In Insulation in Wichita Falls, TX. The addition of any type of approved insulation will keep cold out during winter months and heat out over the summer, reducing heating and cooling bills and adding comfort. Adding radiant barrier insulation or blown-in insulation is worth the initial investment, as a building’s heating and cooling bills remain low year after year.

Insulation Options

There are several insulation options to choose from. Choose from foam, fiberglass, or cellulose insulation. Other services and options include flat roof foam insulation installation or repair, blown-in as well as net wall insulation, and insulation removal and or replacement. When a building owner is ready to add insulation to their building, a company representative will help them determine the best product and installation method to use.

Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers add another level of insulating qualities. These products can be installed in new construction or existing buildings. The key to a successful installation is well-trained professional installers and superior products. Choosing the correct combination of insulation and radiant barriers will result in a weather-tight building with lower energy bills and a more comfortable environment for workers, customers, or residents.

Is it Worth Adding Insulation to Remodeling Projects?

Building owners often ask if the benefits of added insulation are worth the expense. After all, there must be holes drilled or wall sheathing removed to install the insulation, and there is a mess to clean up. Yes, it is well worth adding insulation to an uninsulated or under-insulated building. Adding insulation when the building is already torn up for remodeling is a good plan. The mess is already there and the choices for insulation type are open.

If wall sheathing is not to be removed, the choice of insulation will be limited to the types that can be blown in through regularly spaced holes drilled in the walls. When the insulation has been installed, the installers repair all the holes leaving smooth, solid walls. Adding attic insulation is often easier because the workers can access the attic through some sort of opening and add insulation on top of existing insulation or install new insulation to the proper depth.

Yes, add insulation to that building and enjoy a more energy-efficient work or living space. Go to Superior Thermal Solutions for information on Blow In Insulation in Wichita Falls, TX.

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