Indications that Air Compressor Parts and Service PA are Necessary

An air compressor is a machine that may be used for various reasons. An air compressor uses a single motor to convert electrical energy into kinetic. Air is then driven from the tank to the tools at high pressure. Air compressors are often used to power tools used in construction settings; they may also be used for household applications such as filling tires or blowing debris off of sidewalks. It is important that an individual maintains their air compressor in order to keep it functioning properly.

Signs Indicating There is Need for a Repair

At some point, an air compressor will need new Air Compressor Parts and Service PA. Fortunately, many manufacturers allow their customers to purchase brand new parts through the company without having to order through a retail store. Signs that indicate a new part or service is needed are as follows:

  • Breaker Tripped or Blown Fuses

A breaker that has tripped or a blown fuse happens when there is an overload in the electrical system. Should this occur, the air compressor will be out of commission until the fuse is replaced or the breaker is reset.

  • Excess Noise

An air compressor is loud in general, however, the unit should only make one type of noise at a fairly consistent volume. Any noises that become louder than normal may be an indication that there is a problem with the motor.

  • Full Tank

It is important to empty the tank when not in use. A tank that is full of air may develop rust or other forms of corrosion; as well as freeze in cold weather conditions, causing leaks or warping of the tank.

  • Little or No Air Pressure

Another indication that there is a need for Air Compressor Parts and Service PA is a decrease in the amount of air pressure. If there is little to no air pressure, faulty controls may be to blame.

Act Quickly

If the individual notices any behavior indicating the air compressor is not functioning as it should, it is important to seek a professional company such as Air Center Inc. to evaluate the compressor. Acting quickly may prevent the air compressor from further costly damages. To schedule a service visit from a reputable technician, click here.

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