Information About Cremation Services In Cincinnati, OH

The debate over cremation vs. earth burial seems to have quieted down. In fact, Cremation Services In Cincinnati OH are becoming very popular. There are many reasons for this including a spike in funeral costs and the acceptance of cremation by Christians.

History Of Cremation

Ancient civilizations practiced cremation and burial. Look no further than the ancient Egyptians. Their burial practices were elaborate and an attempt to help the deceased into the afterlife. Meanwhile, much of Europe and Russia were exposed to cremation during the Stone Age, and the practice stuck. Further, Greek society thought cremation was a more sanitary means of disposing of bodies.

Cremation was looked upon as pagan by early Christians. Indeed, two of the Abrahamic faiths, Judaism and Islam, never practiced cremation. As a result, cremation lost favor in the 18th century. All of this changed with the arrival of the first modern cremation chamber in 1873. Interestingly, Queen Victoria’s surgeon led the charge for cremation because there were a series of plagues in the country. He thought disease could be arrested by cremating the dead.

Cremation In The U.S.

The first cremation chamber was built in Pennsylvania in 1876. Cremation grew in popularity due to the acceptance of some Christian denominations. Further, the medical community touted it as a healthy practice. So how do modern families choose between earth burials and Cremation Services in Cincinnati OH?

What Makes The Difference?

Economics is a major factor in whether families choose an earth burial or cremation. First, a funeral can cost well over $10,000. There are many who lost their life insurance due to the uncertain economy. Indeed, cremation is less expensive, and families can still honor a loved one. Next, there is concern about a shrinking supply of land for cemeteries. As a result, the prices of burial plots have increased.

Many families like the idea of cremating a loved one and having a memorial service later. Earth burials are generally time sensitive. However, cremation allows time for relatives and friends to arrange time off from work and travel to a funeral. Indeed, there are many who are not ready to plan a memorial right after a loved one’s death. In the end, the most important thing is that family can express love for the deceased.

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