Installation Technicians From Gutter Services in York PA Can Make Adjustments in the New Design

When it’s time to get an old roof drainage system replaced, companies providing Gutter Services in York PA install systems to effectively divert rainwater and melting snow from the home’s foundation. This is the time for the homeowners to mention any problems they experienced with the old gutters and downspouts so those issues do not occur with the new systems.

Noise Problems

For example, technicians who provide Gutter Services in York PA need to know if any of the drainpipes were consistently noisy. That can happen with certain designs that cause small amounts of water to drip from the top opening to the downspout extension, making repeated pinging sounds. This is particularly noticeable with metal features. Adjustments to a new design eliminate this annoyance.

Changing Downspout Locations

Water that previously streamed to an inconvenient place can be diverted elsewhere when the new downspouts and extensions are installed. A downspout that caused water to flow across a sidewalk or driveway, for example, should be moved to a better spot in the drainage system. Otherwise, this problem can continue to cause puddles where people want to walk and icy spots in the wintertime.

Water from the roof should be sent to parts of the yard that people generally don’t need to walk through when it’s raining or soon afterward. It should not be diverted to parts of the yard that tend to hold water or have landscaping that shouldn’t become waterlogged.

The Importance of Drainage Gutters

Replacing gutters is often a project homeowners delay, figuring they should focus on more pressing improvements to the property. Yet, for most homes, properly functioning drainage gutters are essential to prevent water damage to the siding, foundations, and basements. Without these eavestroughs, water runs off the roof and can flow down the siding. Heavy rainfall pouring straight off the roof creates waterlogging around the building. A basement wall may even cave in if the hydrostatic pressure increases too much.

Popular Materials

Vinyl and aluminum are the most popular materials for gutters. Both are durable, affordable, and available in numerous colors. For estimates on seamless gutters, contact us today at R.E. Kuba Construction Inc.

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