Is a Car Lease Right For You?

There’s a lot to be said for leasing rather than buying a vehicle. In fact, there are people who find this approach works well for them. Could you be among those who would be happier with a lease? Consider these perks and a Cadillac lease in Plainfield could be in your future.

The Warranty Will Likely Last for the Duration of the Lease

One of the nice things about the typical Cadillac lease for Plainfield residents is that the auto warranty is likely to last for at least as long as your lease. That’s important since you are responsible for the general upkeep of the vehicle while it’s in your possession. Knowing that the warranty will be in effect all the way to the last day of the lease provides quite a bit of peace of mind.

Lease Payments are Generally More Affordable Than Car Loan Payments

Did you know that lease payments are generally lower per month than car loan payments on the same makes and models? If you are the type who generally trades vehicles every few years anyway, why shoulder a larger payment than necessary? You can put the difference into some type of interest-bearing account or investment and come out ahead over the long term.

You Can Get Something New to Drive Every Three or Four Years

Most people love the idea of getting a new vehicle every few years, but it’s really not practical. If you decide to go with a Cadillac lease in Plainfield, it is possible to turn in your old ride and pick out a new one every three to four years. Simply structure the lease for the period you desire, bring it back when due, and set up a lease on a new vehicle. It’s that simple.

Does the idea of leasing your next vehicle sound interested? Talk with the team at Hawk Cadillac of Joliet today and learn more about how the process works. Visit to see what vehicles are available for leasing. Once you try this approach, you may never want to own a vehicle again.

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