Is Decorative Gravel a Legitimate Option for Lawn And Garden Services in Dallas?

Decorative gravel is a unique new take on landscaping. Customers are intrigued by the sustainable style of decorative gravel, and others are enamored by the low cost and the unusual visual look. What is decorative gravel, and how are Lawn And Garden Services in Dallas using it in this rapidly-growing city?

Decorative gravel is crushed fine gravel that is dispersed over an area. It will often replace grass entirely. It was commonly used in the deep Southwest to coat desert sand in the notoriously dry environment. Texans have embraced the idea in full swing.

What makes fine gravel so nice?

The two best attributes of decorative gravel are the thickness and the color. The gravel has this fine and nuanced texture that just feels wonderful on the feet. The color palette for decorative gravel has expanded. Consumers had only the choices of dark gray or light gray in the not-too-distant past. Now, there are about 40 different color options and shades. Most customers prefer light colors because dark colors will highlight every little scrap of dirt out there.

How thick should it be?

The gravel is dispersed thickly to cover any potential bald spots. Weeds have been known to grow through the gravel, so maintenance will be required. Usually, services will use two to four inches of gravel. It seems a bit low, but the gravel is extremely dense when applied. Furthermore, padding it too high will absolutely destroy any chance for any grass to grow in it for a long time. The landscaping service may use thicker layers over a driveway to accommodate the weight and pressure of the car. The two to four-inch thickness is standard over a flat line though that can be adjusted for hills on the property.

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