Issues that Require Air Conditioning Repairs in Saskatoon SK

Failure in the air conditioning system often occurs when demand is at its highest. Since the function of this system is to keep the cold air moving throughout the home, a mechanical breakdown can cause major issues inside the home. Since infants and the elderly are especially vulnerable to the heat, a lack of cool air can increase their health risk. These are some of the issues that require immediate repair.

One of the issues that requires Air Conditioning Repairs in Saskatoon, SK is the total loss of air flow. This can be due to a number of causes. Some of the causes are easy to fix such as blocked filter or a venting screen. Others are harder to fix such as a broken fan. If you experience a sudden loss of flow, you need to turn you air conditioning unit off immediately to prevent further damage. A lack of air flow can cause the unit to overheat and cause more issues.

Another issue that requires repairs is if animals have somehow gotten into the electrical wiring of the unit. While the air conditioning unit is protected by a metal shell, some animals are capable of ripping through that to get the electrical components. If this happens, the air conditioning unit simply will not turn on when power is applied. However, you should immediately turn off the air conditioning unit if you spot damage and cut off all power to the unit to help protect against fires that may occur because of damaged wiring.

The lack of cold air flow is another issue that requires Air Conditioning Repairs in Saskatoon SK. There are also a number of causes for this issue. A leakage in one of the cooling coils may have caused all the fluid to leak out. Dirt and other minerals may have built up on the cooling coils. The thermostat may also not be functioning properly.

These are some of the things that can happen to an air conditioning unit and cause it to breakdown. You should contact Ball & Sons Heating Co Ltd if your air conditioning unit is no longer operating as efficiently as it should be.

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