Items to Discuss with the Solar Energy Services in Hilo

Harnessing the power of the sun has been around for a very long time. Technological advances have made it possible to convert this energy into electrical power. While there are a lot of savings to be had in this method of energy production, there are a few items to discover. Once these items have been settled, the installation can begin.

The amount of energy used in the home is the baseline for determining the amount of power produced. While the demand does vary, the highest season totals should be included in this evaluation. This electrical usage should be discussed with the Solar Energy Services in Hilo to determine how many solar panels are needed. This number also helps to determine the size of the batteries and converters needed. This data can be obtained from the electric bills.

Since this system will hook into the electrical panel, the panel itself needs to be checked. Make sure that the panel can be converted and is able to handle the integration of solar power. In some cases, the electrical power will need to be updated. Some older panels are not adaptable to this type of system. If this is the case, the electrical wiring should also be checked out. Old wiring may need to be replaced before installation.

The best position of the solar panels on the home is another item to discuss with the Solar Energy Services in Hilo. The configuration of the roof, the number of trees and the location of the sun are important factors in determining the size and number of solar panels. An evaluation of the home may have to be done to determine the best placement for the solar panels. Skylights, vents and other holes in the roof need to be considered. Some objects may have to be moved in order to accommodate the panels.

Solar panels can provide enough energy to power a home. Once the amount of energy usage is configured, the electrical system checked out and the position is determined, the solar panels can be installed. For more information on solar energy or to get a quote, contact PA Harris Electric.

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