Joint Pain Treatment in Freeport, ME Can Help You Feel Better

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Pain Control Clinic

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Your body’s joints allow you to move in many ways using strength and coordination simultaneously. If you’re dealing with joint pain, then your mobility is restricted, and you might have trouble doing the tasks you need to accomplish in daily life. Fortunately, joint pain treatment in Freeport, ME can help restore your quality of life.

Less Pain

The first benefit of joint pain treatment is the entire point: reducing the amount of pain you’re suffering. Gentle motions improve the flow of blood, which delivers the resources your body requires to repair itself. When blood flow improves, you should also see less fluid accumulation and inflammation that might slow down or prevent your healing.

Better Body Mechanics

Extending your range of motion in painful joints prevents muscle atrophy, which might worsen joint pain when it gets weaker. If you can build strength, you can rely more on muscles to handle the load bearing than your joints, alleviating even more pain and promoting additional healing. Improvements in gait or posture help you avoid repetitive strain or reinjury.

New Avenues

Joint pain treatment and therapy might not always focus on the joints themselves, as there might be additional avenues of treatment and relief. If adequately fitted and utilized, assistive devices, including canes, crutches, braces, and orthotics, might minimize pain. Also, weight loss might reduce or transfer the loads your joints carry.

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