Kauai Rentals by Owner – Benefits of Owning a Condo

In this part of the world, owning a home near a seaside resort is quite advantageous. Condos are popular with retirees, students, honeymooners and families. Owners use them during low season and rent them out when the tourism season peaks. Others use them exclusively for rental business from where they can rake in a good income throughout the year. Is it possible for someone to search for Kauai rentals by owner? The answer is “yes.”

If you are seeking to invest in rental condos, then Kauai is a good place to buy from. Condos come with amenities like gyms, tennis courts, spas, swimming pools and access to the beach. Residential associations set up rules which regulate the conduct of tenants. These associations also come in handy in the event of legal action against the owners. It is a good idea to discuss Kauai rentals by owner as compared to agents.

Not all condos will be fully furnished. In some cases, owners prefer to have tenants bring in their own furnishings. Depending on the kind of holiday renter wishes to spend, such types are the cheapest. If operating on a tight budget, then a renter should opt for rentals by owner. The beauty of such an arrangement is that renter will be dealing with the owner on a one on one basis. There are no hidden costs or extra charges as the element of agency is eliminated.

However, with resort condos it may be difficult to get tenants on your own. What owners do is to hand over management to an independent company. The company is responsible for marketing and collecting rent. They then charge the owners an agreed percentage for services such as booking, rent collection, housekeeping and cleaning. Maintenance of outdoors is done by the residential association. Still, rentals by owner remain the most affordable.

Kauai rentals by owner are mostly done for properties that are off market. Hiring such involves a simple process where a tenant pays and an owner receives. There are several tax benefits associated with this. For tax purposes, it is considered as a second home. So, the benefit goes both ways. As a tenant you enjoy subsidized rates while as the owner you enjoy tax breaks and having an investment whose value appreciates.

Renting out condos is a profitable business in Hawaii. It is practically straightforward but you must know how to go about it. Property rentals by owner can be advertised to the public by placing classified ads in the local dailies. The same can also be placed in the yellow pages. Investing in condos does pay off especially when you are assured of regular tenants. When vacant, your family can move in and have a holiday any time.

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