Keep the Toilets Flushing Freely With Septic Services in Quakertown PA

For most households, the only way to handle sewage is through a municipal connection and let someone else worry about it. However, there are some homes that don’t have that option. In cases where the home isn’t near a municipal system, the only viable option is a septic system. A septic system uses a large tank for waste accumulation. As the waste enters the tank, the solid matter will sink to the bottom where it will be slowly consumed by enzymes and bacteria. When this waste gets too thick, the homeowner will need to schedule Septic Services in Quakertown, PA.

As the solid matter accumulates, the liquid wast or effluent will rise toward the top. To prevent the liquid from spilling out the top of the tank, there is a connection to a series of leech lines. Leech lines or field lines are typically large PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) pipes with a series of holes for drainage. They are usually lain over a bed of rock and gravel so the excess water can seep back into the soil. If the septic system gets too full, then this waste matter could leak into the leech lines and block the necessary outflow of effluent. This leeching is necessary so that the water can slowly percolate through the soil and filter back into the local water table.

One of the most important of available septic services in Quakertown, PA is the vacuum pump. This is a method of cleaning waste from the tank without having to resort to more physical methods. The process usually involves a fairly large truck with a huge tank on the back and a pump system that creates a vacuum in the tank. This vacuum pulls the waste through a series of hoses and eventually, the tank is empty. In certain cases, the tank may need a little additional water for easier removal of the old waste or to clean out the leech lines. More advanced septic systems may also require additional services such as chemical additives or checking the sprayer system that distributes treated effluent in a more even manner. Browse our website to learn more.

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