Keep Your Fleet Protected from Fire Damage with A Suppression System

Whether you have a mining company with expensive heavy equipment or a fleet of school buses, it’s important to arm these vehicles with a fire suppression system that will reliably extinguish flames around the engine in case of an emergency. This fire protection company can easily install a heavy equipment fire suppression system in a new or existing vehicle in as little as one hour so that you can get your fleet back on the road quickly.

Safer for the Environment

Unlike many of the other systems on the market, this fire protection company uses a suppression system that creates its own low-pressure nitrogen expellant gas and releases fine aerosol particles that are much healthier for occupants and the environment. Most other systems use harsh chemicals and aerosols that can create an unsafe environment for passengers and are not as reliable as the eco-friendlier Stat-X generator suppression systems.

Less Maintenance Required

Another significant reason to consider integrating a fire suppression system from this company into your professional fleet is the time and money you will save because of the simple maintenance services. Other systems require frequent DOT inspections and maintenance services that can take up a lot of your precious time and resources. The only maintenance needed with this company’s fire suppression system is a visual inspection of the generators to be sure they are properly in place.

Contact FireGator at to learn more about this fire protection company and their reliable heavy equipment fire suppression systems.

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