Keep Your Fragile Art Safe by Hiring Fine Art Movers in NYC

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Moving

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Whether you’re an avid art collector or hold special pieces of sentimental value, transporting valuable art can be a daunting task. Precious pieces of art require special care and attention when being moved. NYC is home to many renowned galleries, as well as artists that require proper handling, storage, and transportation of their pieces.

This post will go over why it is crucial to hire fine art movers in NYC to keep your fragile art safe while in transit, protecting them against any potential damage.

Expertise in Handling Delicate Art

Fine art movers, such as The Padded Wagon, understand the delicate nature of art. They are well-trained to handle art pieces with the utmost care during transit, using methods that guarantee the pieces stay safe and undamaged. Some art pieces, such as paintings, sculptures, and antiques, might need to be specially packed to guarantee that they stay safe while in transit. Professional movers are aware of the best way to protect any fragile art pieces that they are transporting.

Proper Equipment

Art pieces require special equipment to transport them safely. Fine art movers in NYC come prepared with all the necessary equipment to handle any challenge that may arise during the move. Whether it be custom-built crates, padded blankets, or American Dollies, movers know how to protect your art pieces during the move.

Accurate Handling of Paperwork

Art pieces can sometimes be valuable even beyond their physical existence. As such, every piece must have accurate paperwork to accompany them whenever they are moved. Fine art movers are mindful of all the necessary paperwork when transporting art pieces. They will ensure that all the paperwork is accurate and up to date to protect you from any liability or legal concerns.

Insurance Coverage

Fine art movers offer various insurance coverage options to ensure that your art pieces are protected against any unforeseen incident during the move. Insurance policies typically include a comprehensive list of insurance conditions, including setbacks, theft, fire, and so on. With professional art movers, you can rest easy, knowing that any damage to your art piece will be compensated adequately.