Key Advice That a Reckless Driving Attorney in Norfolk, VA Will Provide

by | Sep 11, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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The fact that you’re facing allegations of reckless driving does not mean you have no legal recourse. The most practical thing to do is contact a local reckless driving attorney in Norfolk, VA and get advice on how to proceed. Among other things, here are some examples of what the attorney is likely to tell you.

First, never assume that you have no recourse. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge, there may be quite a bit that your legal counsel can do. To that end, the attorney will look closely at all the evidence, including how the arrest took place. If anything was not done in accordance with current laws, there may be grounds to dismiss the charge.

Your attorney will urge you to provide as much information about the incident as you can remember. At no point should you seek to qualify or filter what you share with your legal counsel. Some detail that doesn’t seem to mean anything to you could mean a great deal to your attorney. Tell all, and let your counsel decide what’s relevant and what’s of no value.

Last, there may be more than one approach to resolve the matter. Your reckless driving attorney in Norfolk, VA will go through each option, including the most likely outcome of each choice. This helps you be in a better position of determining what to do, and how to prepare for what may come to pass.

Don’t assume you have no options when facing this type of charge. Seek legal advice, and listen closely. Things may not be as dire as you think.

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