Kitchen Exhaust Fans in Brooklyn, New York

A well-designed kitchen with the best appliances in the industry isn’t complete without a fully-functional ventilation system. Heat, grease and odors can stack up, creating adverse or even potentially hazardous conditions. Well-equipped kitchens should not only be functional but also operational.

The following are some things to consider when choosing the right fan.

Ducted or Ductless Fans

Ducted fans use the property’s system of ductwork to ventilate interior air. Ductless fans are standalone and don’t require duct systems. Ducted systems are generally more effective because they remove heat and air. Ductless fans rely on filters to recirculate air and are best suited for smaller residential kitchens.

Code Compliance

Commercial kitchens need a heavy-duty exhaust fan to meet with local codes. They should not only provide fresh air but also be able to clear steam, heat and smoke and should play a central role in a commercial kitchen’s design.

Exhaust Fans for Kitchens

A variety of blowers and fans are available for residential, industrial and commercial kitchens and ventilation systems. Centrifugal upblast exhausters are a topnotch application for kitchen environments. These heavy-duty exhaust fans come in durable and weather-resistant models, can be mounted on roofs or walls and can be adapted in terms of motor and drive types, including direct or belt drives.

Choose a Quality Exhaust Fan System

A leader in ventilation equipment in the New York Metro area can supply the highest quality commercial exhaust fans and air-moving equipment available. Visit BF&B, located in Brooklyn, NY, or call 718-899-9099 or visit to learn more today!

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