Lawn Treatment Service in Wellington Florida Resolves Problems With Fleas

It’s aggravating enough when the family pets get fleas, but the situation is even more frustrating once the owners realize the fleas came from their own yard. With a professional Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida residents can count on eliminating those pesky critters from the property. They also will learn strategies to prevent a future infestation.

Most commonly, dogs pick up fleas somewhere away from home, such as a boarding kennel or a vet clinic. If the problem is not caught immediately, the fleas start laying eggs around the home. This can lead to a frustrating cycle of the home’s residents managing to eliminate fleas and later seeing new ones appear. A daily thorough cleaning of the home, along with pesticide spray devices known as bombs, eventually resolves the problem. But that won’t help if the animals are bringing these bugs in from the yard.

For Lawn Treatment Service Wellington Florida residents want professional technicians who understand the problems involved with spraying pesticide on a yard in which companion animals roam, play and sit. Technicians from a company such as Above Beyond Pest Control in Wellington Florida use a variety of strategies to manage this problem. The entire yard may not need treatment, for example. Instead, the workers may spray a relatively small area where the dog will spend time in the future. Later, they may flood the area to eliminate eggs and larvae, and to drown any biting insects that have hatched from eggs since then.

Fleas like warm, moist areas. After lawn treatment service in Wellington Florida residents should keep their grass cut short so it stays relatively dry. This is an ideal time to have trees and bushes trimmed to decrease the level of shade in the yard, at least temporarily. Placing cedar chips around trees, shrubs and in gardens works to repel fleas from the property since they abhor the scent. Adding decorative edging around buildings, sidewalks and the driveway that features cedar chips is a possibility. Distributing small chips throughout the yard is advantageous because the lawn mower grinds them into fine pieces and powder, which then act as a natural flea deterrent.

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