Leading With Appreciation

Gratitude, for teams, promotes high performance and quality engagement. Teams that perform well have clear responsibilities and roles, open communication, accountability system, and properly defined goals. A team that is unified and has a sense of appreciation amongst its members are able to perform much better than anybody else. Every team needs a leader, and if the leader is not good, the team will fail. So, how can you lead a team properly?

* Be the Role Model

A leader must be able to express gratitude. You may not always know what your team considers to be meaningful, so you can simply ask. There is no shame in it. According to corporate training institutes, you can do this by conducting a team survey. Ask them what they value the most. Do they like expressions which they can share with friends and family, or do they prefer to take out time for themselves? You have to show interest in the needs of team members.

* Spread Appreciation and Gratitude in the Team

The degree of teamwork needed in this generation also brings forth the need for expressing gratitude to your team. Whilst you put your efforts in strengthening the connections between your team members, you should also see group celebrations as a vital opportunity to move a step beyond the verbal expression of ‘thank you’. Create openings for expressing gratitude, and influence your team members to appreciate each other.

* Link Appreciation to Values

A simple way to develop a good culture is to link gratitude to values. When the members of your team see, feel and hear appreciation on a daily basis, it becomes a part of the culture. This does not only fortify high-performing teams but also fosters a happy workplace.

Mentioned above are only a few ways you can incorporate gratitude as a healthy habit in your organisation. If you avail the services of corporate training institutes, you will find it more prudent to learn and understand how appreciation can play a vital role for your team, and for you as a leader. Browse the site for more details.

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