Leaks – Catch it Quick

by | Aug 31, 2012 | Plumbing and Plumbers

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We rarely think of the plumbing in our house until it stops working or starts costing us an arm and a leg.  When your energy bills start to climb and you don’t know why, you begin to notice how often the refrigerator is opened or the water is left on while the kids are brushing their teeth.  Even with the most diligent monitoring, your energy costs can still go up.  After you perform leak detection in Plano, it is imperative that you fix the leak.

You may think a hairline crack or hole is nothing to really worry about.  You may put your own fix on it such as plumber’s sealant or even replace the pipe.  If you don’t do this correctly or ignore the cracks, it can create a larger problem.  Water erodes whatever it comes into contact with and pipes are no exception.  If water is allowed to leak out of a hole or crack, it will grow.  Just as pulling a string on a shirt, causes the shirt to fall apart when it is pulled excessively, the same is true of plumbing.  While leak detection in Plano, is the first step, you must be sure to properly fix the leak so it doesn’t grow.

A leak will increase in size which means more water can flow through it at any given time.  This means that if you turn on the kitchen faucet to wash dishes, some of the water will get to you at the sink, but some of it will also flow through the leak.  It will take you longer to wash the dishes with less water and you will end up using more water to finish the job.  This can increase your water bill.  Even with a small leak, you are not getting the amount of water necessary for a task so you will use more water.  If you are in the shower and you are not getting the full water pressure and amount of water necessary to rinse the soap out of your hair, you will end up standing under the water for a longer amount of time.  As the leak grows, your water pressure and amount will decrease.  This will cause that spike in your water bill.  Fix the leak as soon as you think there is a problem.  A small leak, even with proper leak detection in Plano, can turn into a big one if left untreated.

Leak detection Plano Leak Detection is the first step to you maintaining properly working plumbing. Ernies Plumbing Service, Inc. provides excellent leak detection service to Plano residents and will fix the leak quickly.