Learn Mindfulness Meditation to Attain Self-Realization

Mindfulness meditation is really the essence of yoga and meditation. If you practice this method not only in your sitting meditation but in your daily life it helps lead you into deep states of self-realization and meditation. Your natural experience of life will be one of unconditional bliss and peace. You can learn all about mindfulness meditation in Los Angeles at a meditation studio that has experienced teachers ready to help you find your peace. This technique allows everything to come and go while remaining rested in the present moment.

Steps in Mindfulness Meditation

Step one, sit in a comfortable position with your spine straight, but not rigid. The important thing is to sit in an upright posture that you will be able to maintain for a period of around 20 minutes. After you are in a comfortable position, resist the urges to scratch itches and move around. This will take a little practice but will become natural in time. Step two, it is not necessary to try and control your thoughts. You need to allow your thoughts to come and go without judgment or trying to make some sort of meaning out of them. Just let them flow through your mind like water flowing in a river. The important thing is to keep your mind in the present and not think about what you have to do tomorrow or the next day. Final step is your breathing and this is extremely important in mindfulness meditation. You need to let your breath be natural and calm. You need to develop a normal everyday breathing habit of first bringing the air into the bottom half of your lungs. With a deep fuller breath you can eliminate a whole host of problems including tension, stress and anxiety.

Meditation Retreat: Your Most Powerful Tool for Spiritual Development

One reason a meditation retreat is so effective is because it combines the instruction of proper meditation techniques with the time necessary for applying them, which means making the right effort. There is also another reason for a retreat’s effectiveness. It is the energy of mindfulness. Your consciousness is made up of energy, which will help you see with clarity. The amount of mindfulness energy you are exposed to will determine how clearly you can see the true nature of reality.

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