Learn the Warning Signs of Termites in Your Jackson New Jersey Home

The termites in Jackson, NJ, homeowners’ fear can cause major damage to your home. The best way to avoid destruction is to stop these pests early on. Learn the warning signs so that you can at once get help to avoid expensive and inconvenient damages.

Wood Floor Blisters

Blisters on your wood floors can show that termites are feeding on the wood underneath. Subterranean termites cause damage to your subfloor which makes the wood floors look like they have water damage. Don’t ignore these blisters, especially if you know you haven’t had any leaks.

Hollow Wood

Damage can be happening behind your walls and under your floors without you realizing it if you don’t pay attention to the trivial things. Termites chew threw wood looking for cellulose. When they do this, they leave behind grooves. These honeycomb-shaped grooves weaken the structure and cause your walls to sound hollow.


You may not see the swarms of termites, but they do leave behind distinct signs. You may find discarded wings near doors and windows. Termites swarm out of the nest when they are looking for a place to begin a new colony. Once they find their new home, they twist their wings off because they no longer need them.

If you suspect that your home is infested by the termites in Jackson, NJ, that home owners loath, you need to take immediate action to rid your house of these destructive pests. Visit Freehold Pest Control to find the help you need.

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