Learning About Diesel Engine Maintenance and Automotive Car Repair in Forest Lake MN

by | Aug 19, 2016 | Automotive

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Diesel-fueled passenger vehicles are popular in Europe, with about half of vehicle owners choosing a diesel model. Many U.S. residents are attracted to diesel imports for various reasons, but they may wonder about whether the cars require more maintenance and repair work. They wonder whether the routine maintenance is more expensive. A technician who performs automotive car repair in Forest Lake MN can provide knowledgeable answers to these types of questions before someone decides to buy a diesel import.

Diesel engines tend to be more durable and can go significantly longer before major repair work is necessary. They also generally get better fuel economy than gas-powered engines do. Nevertheless, as with domestic models, routine maintenance is a key factor in avoiding the need for Automotive Car Repair in Forest Lake MN. Some components in diesel vehicles cost more than those of their gas counterparts, and certain systems are more technologically advanced and complex. Having oil changes done as recommended and following the maintenance guidelines in the owner’s manual should prevent breakdowns. That includes having the air filter and fuel filter replaced on schedule.

Today’s passenger vehicles don’t need the sort of tune-up work that was necessary when cars and pickup trucks were manufactured with carburetors and without computerization and fuel injection systems. However, gas-powered models still need attention that’s commonly classified as tune-up service, such as having spark plugs changed. Diesel engines don’t have spark plugs so that service isn’t required. Contact American Imports to find out more about caring for a diesel model as compared with a gas engine.

Diesel engines are known for lasting hundreds of thousands of miles as long as the owner takes excellent care of the vehicle. This scenario is increasingly common with gas-powered engines as well, but diesels are still considered more durable, rugged and longer-lasting than the gas models. When a gas-fueled car’s engine develops a serious malfunction or breaks down altogether at 200,000 or 300,000 miles, the owner must decide whether to have it repaired, have the engine replaced or junk the car. The owner of a diesel import may never have to deal with that question.