Liability and Left Turn Car Accidents

When an auto accident occurs and one of the parties is making a left turn, the driver making the turn is almost always considered to be at fault. In general, to be found at fault in a vehicular accident, a driver must be found to have been either careless or in violation of an applicable traffic regulation or law. Because the traffic laws of most states require that any driver making a left turn yield the right of way to all traffic that is oncoming and approaching before completing the turn, fault is almost always established automatically.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are a few exceptions to the default rules that normally assign blame automatically to those drivers making left turns that lead to eventual auto accidents. Although difficult to prove, if the driver approaching from the opposite direction is speeding through the light in excess of the speed limit, the driver making the left turn may not automatically be found at fault. This is also true if the oncoming driver went through a red light.

Furthermore, if a driver begins to make a left turn when it is safe to do so, and all traffic has cleared, but in the course of turning, an unexpected event occurs that makes the car slow or stop, the driver making the turn may not be liable for the accident.

When you Become Involved in a Left Turn Accident

If you have been involved in a car accident in which you hit another vehicle that made a left turn directly in front of you, fault considerations are almost always irrelevant. The other driver will almost always be found liable for the accident. It is important to note that even if you are found partially at fault in any accident, including one involving a left turn, you may still be eligible to recover some of your resulting damages.

The most reliable way to ensure you receive a fair settlement is to discuss your case with an experienced Chicago accident attorney. At Shea Law Group, our highly-skilled legal team is very familiar with these types of cases and can help you attain the compensation you are entitled to.

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