Lift Chairs In St Charles MO Allow More Mobility

For an individual recovering from an illness, injury, or is elderly, Lift Chairs in St Charles MO can provide them with the mobility they need to get in and out of a chair. Sitting down or getting up can prove to be difficult for an individual who is weak from surgery or who is suffering from some other type of medical condition. Lift hairs gently lower and lift an individual. This eliminates the need for them to have assistance and gives them the freedom they need.

Lift chairs do not look like a piece of hospital equipment and can be purchased to match other furniture in a home. Lift chairs are not just for elderly patients and are ideal for someone recovering from back surgery or is weak from a health condition.

Different Than A Power Recliner

Although a lift chair is like a power recliner because it operates with the push of a button, Lift Chairs in St Charles MO can raise to a full standing position with the push of a button. When the individual is ready to sit down, one push of the button and the chair will go back to a sitting position. Recliners that are power require the handle to be lifted to move or the individual must push back to get the back to recline. This can be difficult for individuals with a medical condition.

Types Of Lift Chairs

There are various types of lift chairs. Choosing a lift chair will depend on what the person is planning on doing in the chair. If a person is planning on sleeping in the chair, they should choose a zero-gravity chair. If the chair will be for sitting or resting and not sleeping, they might want to choose a chair that has several positions. A person can choose the type of fabric they want on their chair.

Purchasing a lift chair begins with a call to a reputable medical supply company like Business Name. They have a wide selection of chairs and other medical equipment to choose from. For more information, please visit the website.

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