Looking After The Needs Of Your Aging Dog

Dogs age must faster than their owners, there is a great deal of truth to the oft heard equation; one human year equals seven dog years. This is a good average as larger dogs do age faster than smaller breeds. Once your dog reaches its golden years; perhaps eight or nine, it is important that you take them in to the Chicago animal hospital a couple of times a year. The vet can give your dog a thorough physical exam as well as discuss changes in behavior you might have noticed as well as dietary considerations.

   *   Dogs can’t talk:

Dogs can’t talk; they are unable to communicate to us how they feel as they grow older. Dogs are masters at hiding any symptoms of weakness, in many cases the vet will find a problem that you had no idea existed. It is a good idea not only to have a physical exam but at the same time run a series of diagnostic tests to confirm the animal’s state. Just like humans, the earlier a problem is diagnosed, the better the chance is of successful treatment.

   *   Weight gain, a common problem that needs to be controlled:

Similar to people, as a dog ages they tend to gain weight. Excess weight tends to cause disorders such as ruptures, torn ligaments, decreased mobility, arthritis and more; all of which compromise the quality of an older dog’s life. Dogs that are not overweight tend to live longer, as a good master you should ensure your dog gets routine exercise and carefully control the amount of food it gets.

To ensure your dog enjoys its senior years make sure you take it to your favorite Chicago animal hospital for twice a year checkups, keep its weight under control and ensure your dog gets exercise. These three simple steps will help your dog live longer and live better.

Along with excellent diet and plenty of exercise your senior dog should go to the Chicago animal hospital twice a year for a thorough physical check-up. You are invited to make an appointment with the Metropolitan Veterinary Center.

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