Looking for Protection and Peace of Mind?

There is a Honeywell security system in Chicago to meet every budget, lifestyle, and need. They make security systems that can provide you with safety and security, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your loved ones are safe. They also provide systems that are not overly complicated. These are alarm systems which are easy and simple enough that everyone in your family will be able to operate the one you choose to have installed.

Children and Pet Friendly Protection

Your security system’s motion sensors can even be set up to be able to recognize the difference between an intruder in your home and your pet, so that your dog or cat will be able to move freely about your home without ever setting off an alarm. There are even built in solutions that cannot only protect your pet, but also your toddler such as alarms for carbon monoxide, smoke, and flooding. You can have sensors put on your kitchen cabinets, particularly where you keep your cleaning products and other dangerous chemicals and on your gates to alert you if they have been opened so that your child or your pet cannot roam freely without you being aware of it.

Digital Video Security

With digital video security provided by a Honeywell security system in Chicago you can see if your children have gotten home from school on time or see if they are doing their homework or chores. You can also keep an eye on your pets during the day and even watch for your dog walker and unlock the door for her or him when they arrive. If you are looking to have a Honeywell security system installed in the Chicago area, contact Alert Protective Services today to get an estimate.

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