Los Angeles Landscaper Uses Design to Scale Back on Water Usage

Living in California, you have four things that are a constant concern. One is earthquakes. Two is wildfires. Three is blackouts and brownouts, and four is drought and water usage restrictions. The last one is especially grievous to most Californians who want a nice green lawn around their homes. One Los Angeleslandscaper has a really good solution.

Landscaping in Los Angeles Is All About Design

You could hire anyLos Angeles landscaper, but anyone with shovels and a lawn mower can call themselves a landscaper. What you really want is the ingenious landscaper who creates landscape designs that thwart the issue of water consumption. That’s real talent, and you still have some nice green grassy areas too.

How It Works

First and foremost, this landscaper meets with you at your home to see the property. Then you discuss possible options and what you like and don’t like on your lawn and in your yard. The landscaper leaves to work on some mock-up designs and schedules an appointment to return and show you the designs. They incorporate a lot of “hardscaping” with concrete areas, rock beds, shrubbery that doesn’t require a lot of water to survive, and hardier grass varieties. If you look around you at your neighbors’ properties, you might see that landscaping in Los Angeles removes the excess grassy areas and/or needs for water and replaces them with equally attractive features. It also makes yardwork easier to do.

To get started, contact Green Republic Landscapes for more information.

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