Maid Services in Manassas, VA, Share What Tools Might Be Missing From a Cleaning Kit

by | Oct 20, 2022 | Home Improvement

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Are you positive that you have all you require at your disposal for cleaning your home? While it might not appear that way at first glance, your cleaning kit can miss some really useful equipment. Here are five things you should not neglect to give a try right away, according to some of the best maid services in Manassas, VA.

Disposable Gloves

Some cleaning tasks are so filthy that you should not reuse rubber gloves. Disposable gloves are an excellent option to avoid cross-contamination. Use them and then toss them to provide the safest cleaning in your home.

Cleaning Only Toothbrush

Give your old toothbrush another life beyond cleaning your teeth. Instead of throwing it away, you can put its gentle bristles to good use for getting into tight spaces. If the thought of using your old, nasty toothbrush for cleaning bothers you, purchase a new, cheap one instead.

Butter Knife

Who said butter knives are only for meals? You should still have your butter knife nearby, just in case you need it. Make use of this cooking item to remove filth that has become firmly adhered to hard surfaces.

Measuring Cup

Another kitchen item is a must-have in any cleaning kit, according to the best maid services in Manassas, VA. Have you ever messed up a cleaning solution because you estimated the amounts of the ingredients you were mixing? Always have a measuring cup on hand to mix the right amount of each ingredient for optimal cleaning.


You can depend on the squeegee to leave the glass surfaces you’re working on spotless and streak-free. You won’t have to be concerned about scratching the glass anymore because the blade is made of rubber.

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