Make a Dry Space Under Decking in Mooresville, NC

Living in a sloped area can create more than a few challenges. For one, it can mean that if you want to have decking, it has to be elevated substantially. When you have an elevated deck, that means space beneath that can be impacted by certain weather types.

When it rains and you have an elevated deck, it can result in a lot of water below. That is where dry decking systems come into play. To create dry space under decking in Mooresville, NC, you need a custom decking solution to accommodate.

Custom Decking

The solution for creating dry space under decking in Mooresville, NC is of the custom variety. Custom panels are created and installed underneath your deck’s flooring. This is where the greatest concentration of water flows, dripping down onto the slab below.

With these panels, the water collects and redistributes to a number of downspouts. So, instead of simply dripping down through your patio slats, the water is carried off and away from the patio. That creates a dry space beneath the decking.

Multiple Benefits

There are more than a few benefits to this. For one, it means less standing water on your patio and less water trapped in the underside of the deck. That means less water damage over time. There is also the matter of using the space beneath the deck. Without dripping water, you can put furniture down there and enjoy respite from the rain there if you want.

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