Manual Transmissions Still Offered for the Subaru Impreza in San Jose, CA

U.S. consumers who prefer a manual transmission in their vehicles are finding it increasingly difficult to buy from an American-based manufacturer. Manufacturers with headquarters in Japan, however, offer a broader range of options for stick-shift models. A new Subaru Impreza for sale in San Jose, CA, for example, can be purchased with a manual transmission.

Designs and Transmission Options

The Impreza is offered as a hatchback and sedan. A five-speed manual is optional for the hatchback, Sport hatch and base sedan, but not for the sedan with Sport trim. Automatic transmission versions of the Impreza cost more than $1,000 than the same car with the manual.

The Appeal of the Hatchback

The hatchback design is another feature mainly produced by Japanese manufacturers. Consumers who appreciate the extra cargo space in hatchback vehicles may be interested in a Subaru Impreza for sale in San Jose, CA.

All-Wheel Drive

Another welcome feature is all-wheel drive, which is standard on all the Impreza vehicles. Residents of the San Jose area who like to drive up to the mountains for some skiing prefer a car that can handle snowy roads. Not everyone wants to buy a sport utility vehicle or pickup truck, no matter how popular these automobiles have become.

Getting Started

With the appealing exterior and interior styles along with impressive safety features, the Impreza provides an attractive choice for consumers who want a stick-shift vehicle.

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