Marlborough, Massachusetts: A Town of Many Schools

Officially declared a town in 1660, Marlborough, Massachusetts has since become a bustling little city with a thriving population of mostly happy citizens. Like any city with a moderate population, there are a lot of children in Marlborough. And, like children across the world, they spend the majority of their days in school. Luckily for them and their parents, Marlborough schools news are some of the best in Middlesex County.

Many of Marlborough’s schools have had nearly as long a history as the town itself. While the bulk of them have come and gone, been remodeled, and torn down, a few still survive that are over one hundred years old. In fact, the very same high school that legendary author Horatio Alger Jr. attended still stands, though it is not used as a school today.

On the public schooling side of things, residents have a number of different options to choose from. Of course, there is the Marlborough Public School system which includes the high school, Charles W. Whitcomb School, Charles J. Jaworek Primary School, Francis J. Kane Primary School, and Raymond C. Richer Primary School.

Marlborough also offers public schooling in the form of attendance at the Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School, Assabet Valley Regional Technical High School, and, for the wee ones, the Marlborough Early Childhood Center.

Marlborough schools aren’t just limited to public institutions though. There are also a variety of private schools in the area that include Hillside School, the Christian New Covenant School, Wayside Academy, and MA International Academy. Furthermore, Immaculate Conception School and Saint Anne Montessori School are also located in Marlborough for those seeking a parochial education for their youngsters.

Of special note to those interested in Marlborough schools is the public school system’s new strategic plan. Dubbed ‘Believe 2016,’ the plan is set to span the course of five years and aims to improve the overall education of all of its students. A comprehensive outline of the plan is easily found online at the Marlborough Public Schools website.

There are many fine options for schooling in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Families with a variety of different views on education will be able to find something that suits their wants and needs. Marlborough is truly a city that has done an excellent job with education.

Education is just as important to the Community Advocate as it is to the citizens of Marlborough. For more information on both Marlborough schools and the city itself, please visit today!


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