MDGrips Introduces Handgun Collectors to Authentic African Giraffe Bone Grips

Ivory pistol grips are among those most prized by artisans, but they’ve been phased out of use for obvious reasons. Craftsmen working with MDGrips searched far and wide for a high-quality natural material to replace ivory. Many people have settled for synthetic ivory and composite material, which lacks the same feeling that natural materials do.

If you’re like most people, then you’ve never thought of giraffe bone as a material to make pistol grips out of. However, it’s got some advantages that are as big as these long-necked animals! Giraffe bone is legal and sustainable, which is important in today’s conservation-minded world.

This material tends to range in color from a creamy yellow tone to a flat solid white, so it looks fairly close to ivory without relying on any sort of artificial chemicals. The bones themselves are large enough to make grips for even the biggest handguns, so artisans have been able to make pieces that fit automatics and revolvers equally.

Even if you prefer to shoot a larger caliber gun, there should be at least some piece of bone that fits your weapon. Skilled craftsmen from MDGrips have also been able to use the material to fit very small automatics and snubnosed revolvers that are normally hard to make pistol grips for. Other types of animal bones often can’t fit on these styles of guns, which make the prospect all the more alluring.

In the past, you may have shot a gun that had grips made from genuine elephant ivory. There’s also a possibility you’ve seen an antique at a gun show that’s been grandfathered in because of its age. If you’d like to have a legal alternative in your collection, then you’ll love these giraffe bone grips. They’re an excellent way to add a taste of the exotic to a set of otherwise domestic firearms.

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