Mica Heaters: What They Are, How They Work, and Why You Should Buy One

Heating technology has come a long way over the years, and now, heating can be done quite efficiently and safely. One type of heater, the micathermic heater, is a great product that offers many advantages besides just heating a space. Read on to learn more about them.

Energy Efficient

When you activate a MICA heater, the first thing the apparatus does is release 80% convection heat and 20% radiant heat, during which the heat is transferred to the air in the room. In essence, these types of heaters heat a space extremely quickly so they don’t have to waste energy in the long run. .

Money Saver

Because these heaters are so efficient, you can expect a discount on your normal heating bills. Also, they’re portable, which means you can implement zone heating. Zone heating allows you to heat only those spaces you’re using, which can result in big electric bill savings.


Micathermic heaters are safe for your home or business. They come with protective grills that are cool to the touch. They also have overheat protection, which is controlled by the system’s thermostat which immediately shuts the heater down when it begins to overheat.


The heaters are not bulky and awkward. They’re trim and easy to handle. This means you won’t run into too many space or decorating problems when you’re deciding where to place your new MICA heater. They can even be placed on the wall.


Nothing beats a heater that works well, unless it’s noisy. In any world, though, it’s better to be warm with noise than cold in a quiet place. With the micathermic heaters, you get both: a virtually noiseless heating machine that keeps you and your snug as bugs.

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