Minor Marble Repair: Be Prepared

Consider the following scenario: you have been looking forward to hosting the family reunion in your newly renovated home for a while now. You started planning the festivities a few months ago and you invited all the family members you could track down. Yes, you are looking forward to seeing them, but you would be lying if you said you were not also looking forward to showing off your newly installed marble countertops and floors.

How Damage Can Occur

The big day arrives and relatives troop in with casserole dishes and cakes. All are having a great time until your Aunt Mildred drops one of the aforementioned casserole dishes on your kitchen floor — it just happens to be one of the rooms in which you had marble installed. You and several dozen relatives watch in horror as the dish descends toward the floor and shatters. Never mind the ruined broccoli concoction it contained. You are on your hands and knees pawing through the congealed mess trying to make sure your floor is okay. Sure enough, your frantic fingers detect the thing you most dreaded: a quarter-sized chip in the marble.

When marble that you carefully chose for your home becomes damaged, it is often a devastating experience. Marble surfaces are usually a permanent installation designed to bring you years of enjoyment and luxury.

The Solution

When a surface in your home becomes damaged, there are a few options you can pursue to fix the issue. We at MB Stone Care & Supply seek to supply you with those options so you are prepared to deal with the inevitable minor damage that comes with having natural stone surfaces. Our marble repair kits give you several reliable ways of making small fixes. Whether it is a crack, a scratch or a chip, these kits contain the materials you will need to address the issue with a patch that will last for a long time. The kit contains patching material that can be mixed in a variety of different colors, depending on your needs. You can expect the patches our marble repair kits are designed to produce to be usable indoors or outside, as they are UV-stable and meant to stand up to extreme changes in climate. The contained instructions will show you how to use the marble repair kit to repair the damage in a matter of minutes. Visit us online at MB Stone Care to order your marble repair kit today and be prepared for inevitable minor damage.

MB Stone Care is able to supply all your needs with marble repair kits. Please feel free to check out or site and give us a call to set up a consultation.

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