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by | Sep 21, 2013 | Real Estate

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Back in 1640 – on 1st July to be precise – Stamford, previously known as Rippowam was renamed in honor of the Lincolnshire, England town. The ‘deed’ to the town was signed by Captain Turner – New Haven Colony and Chief Ponus of the Toquam tribe, turning over the land to the people of the newly named town of Stamford. Turner paid for the land with trade items like kettles, glasses, knives, coats and hatchets.

The revolutionary war saw a split down the center of Stamford, with half the town supporting Tories and the other half on the side of the patriots. The Try families tended to lean toward the Anglican church and many of them left to inhabit Long Island and others headed north to New Brunswick.

During the 60’s and 70’s the town of Stamford grew considerably, with the F.D. Rich Co. urban renewal. It was also a target for many of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies, who moved their head offices to the area. This, in turn, created more jobs in the private sector as well as being economically sound for town. The economy in Stamford is one of the healthiest in the United States with over 45% of residents having a degree or better. The average family wage for Stamford is around $88,000 per year and the median wage for singles is over $72,000. This leave only 5% of other families living on wages lower than the poverty line and while this figure should still be addressed, it does make the town one of the top seven in the country for safe living.

Success and Property

Because of the success of the town, there are many homes and Apartment Rentals In Stamford Ct that are reasonably priced to attract high and middle income families to the area, as well as working singles. As crime rates are exceptionally low in Stamford, it also attracts people because of the safety value. Many people from New York take advantage of the close proximity to Stamford to either commute from Manhattan or buy second homes in Stamford, too. Transport in the Stamford area is also one of the best in the New England area, with the New Haven branch and Metro-North railroad having excellent connections to New York City.