Mold And Mildew Problems In The Basement Require A Call To Foundation Contractors

Foundation problems can occur due to faulty construction or underground water problems. Improper grading around a foundation can result in hydrostatic pressure being placed against the walls that will cause them to crack and bow. French drains around the foundation that become clogged will place additional pressure on the walls of a foundation. If your home’s basement has water in it after rain, a call should be placed to Foundation Contractors. Concrete is porous, and moisture can penetrate it causing damage to items within a home. Crawl spaces are also susceptible to water damage and mold if not properly waterproofed.

If you’re remodelling or finishing your basement, it’s highly recommended to contact Foundation Contractors to ensure any water problems are addressed before the project begins. Mold in a basement or crawl space can become a serious health problem for occupants in a home. Individuals that have an allergy to mold or who are asthmatic could have serious reactions. Black mold is very toxic even in healthy individuals. Metal items in a home will rust easily, and a home will have a musty odor when there’re water problems in a basement or crawl space.

What type of foundation repairs can be performed? For a crawl space area, it’s important to place a barrier between the dirt or gravel and the floors of the home. Without the proper vapor barrier, insulation can absorb the moisture and will rot and damage the wood. Foundations can benefit from a vapor barrier and a closed tile system that removes the water from the footer area. Bowed walls can be repaired and reinforced. Small cracks in the mortar, and the floors should also be repaired. In addition, the company should stand behind their products and workmanship.

If you’ve noticed wall rotation, any separation around a window or door, cracks in the wall or find it difficult to open or close a door or window, there’s a good chance your foundation is in need of repairs. Correcting a water problem in or around a foundation area will ensure the stability of a home. For more information and a free estimate of repairs for your foundation or crawl space, please feel free to visit website. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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