More Information about Foot Orthotics in Kenosha, WI

Almost every human being has feet, and we all tend to agree that feet can hurt pretty badly a lot of times. Luckily, there are many different resources and types of treatment that have become available to help treat foot pain and other issues that may be involved with feet. Foot orthotics, in particular, are great resources that can help people feel more comfortable on their feet every day.

What Are Foot Orthotics?

Foot orthotics in Kenosha, WI are actually just custom-made supports for your feet. These are not sold over the counter, and they are actually designed to provide much better support than any over-the-counter support option ever could. These foot supports, also known as foot orthoses, function by providing balance to the biomechanical inadequacies that are found in your feet. Many people wear foot orthotics to help treat heel or arch pain; they may also be used to help with other conditions, such as lower leg tendonitis, shin splints, knee pain, and much more.

Living with Foot Orthotics

If you have been prescribed foot orthotics, it may take some getting used to before you start to feel better. With that said, there are also some people that might adapt to wearing these foot supports very quickly, so the amount of time it will take you will depend on you and your feet. To be safe, you should start by wearing your foot supports for only a couple of hours each day and then increase that amount of time as each day passes; you should also make sure to walk barefoot now and then, as well, in between your periods of wearing the supports. If you’ve been having severe foot pain or have been experiencing conditions that could benefit from wearing a foot support, check our website to get more information.

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