Need Help Converting to HER? Chart Abstraction Software That Can Help

HER is the latest technology in keeping and protecting patient records. There’s just one problem with it; most facilities have older medical records systems that need to be transferred over to HER, and it is not an easy process. If you are tasked with this job and you are finding it nearly impossible, you are not alone. Here’s how new chart abstraction software can help.

Pull All Key Details From Patient Files and Move Them Over

The chart abstraction software pulls key details from a patient’s file and places them in the new HER system in a new patient file. The software looks for medical terminology as keys for extracting data. Then it uses the words and phrases around those medical terms to create a comprehensive but simplified record to transcribe. It saves time by doing most of the transcribing work for you.

Saves Time When You Have to Transcribe Thousands of Files

When computers first began storing patient information, it took a full team to transcribe every file into a digital format and save it and back it up so it couldn’t be lost. It took years to get every file transcribed this way. Now we have the software that can be set up to auto-transcribe files by the thousands, working in the background while you work on other things on your computer. It saves a lot of time and energy in the process. In some cases, you can even leave a computer on to transcribe files overnight.

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