Need Help Selecting a New Water Heater? Call a Plumber Today!

You think that your old water heater is about to fail. That means it’s time to come up with a suitable replacement. Rather than trying to manage the task on your own, why not call one of the local plumbing services in Birmingham, AL, and ask for help from a plumber? Here are some examples of what that professional can do for you.

Comparing Energy Sources

If you have an older home, there may already be connections that would allow you to use a different energy source for the new water heater. That’s good news since it expands the range of choices that you have on hand. The plumber can make sure both of those connection options are safe for use and help you to compare the merits of each possible energy source.

Deciding Between a Traditional or Tankless Heater

Should you invest in a new heater with the same tank capacity? Perhaps you would like to go with a tankless model since you hear those provide hot water whenever you need it. An expert from one of the local plumbing services in Birmingham, AL, can help you to compare both options and determine which one provides the best solution in terms of performance and price.

Making Sure the Installation is Up to Local Standards

There are certain regulations that apply to the installation of a new water heater. You can bet that a professional from one of the local plumbing services in Birmingham, AL, will know exactly what must be done. By making sure everything is in line with local safety codes and regulations, you don’t have to worry about problems later on. An added bonus is knowing that your home insurance provider will love the fact that the installation is in compliance with all local codes.

Are you ready to get rid of that aging water heater? Call a plumber today and arrange to get some expert advice. Along with helping you to choose the right heater, that same professional will ensure that the installation goes off without a hitch.

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