Need Personal Injury Lawyers in Bismarck, ND?

One of the top questions people have after suffering a personal injury is “do I need a lawyer?” While some people believe that it is always necessary to consult with a personal injury attorney after an accident or injury, the reality is that thousands of these scenarios are resolved amicably each day without the help of counsel. However, there are some situations where an injured person may need the help of Personal Injury Lawyers in Bismarck ND.

When to Call a Personal Injury Attorney

  • Liability is not clear. If there were multiple parties involved in an accident, if more than one party was at fault, or if anyone involved in causing an accident or injury was working on behalf of a third party, it may be difficult to establish who is liable.
  • The insurance company is being shady. For the most part, insurance companies want to save money wherever possible but will still act in good faith to help resolve a dispute when someone is injured. Sometimes they do not, so it is important to seek the advice of an attorney if it feels like an insurance company is refusing to agree to a settlement, presenting low-ball settlement offers, or engaging in other bad-faith tactics.
  • The injury is permanently disabling. When an injury is permanently disabling, it can be difficult for a person to predict lifelong medical costs or the financial impact of the injury on things like earning capability or quality of life. An experienced personal injury attorney can help provide a realistic estimate of those lifelong expenses.
  • The damages are severe. Insurance policies are designed with policy limits, which means that even if the actual costs of an injury exceed the limits of the policy, an injured person’s recovery may be limited. An attorney can help an injured party receive the maximum amount of compensation available for an injury.

Want to Learn More?

Not sure if an attorney is needed for a specific accident or injury? Set up a consultation with personal injury lawyers in Bismarck ND, where an attorney can review the case and provide an assessment of whether it needs legal help. Contact us today for more information.

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