Nevada Weightlifting & MMA Gear Company Makes Champion Wrestling Shoes

Taking opponents to the mat requires sheer power, experience, strategy and technique. Practice makes perfect, but practice requires the right gear to ensure traction, durability and comfort. Pro-quality wrestling shoes are a must for any serious competitor hoping to advance in the sport. Here’s a basic rundown of what’s available.

High-Top Style & Support

A high-quality, all-purpose wrestling shoe shares many qualities with a similar quality MMA shoe or a weightlifting shoe. The predominant silhouette is a high-top, a shape that incorporates ankle support into the shoe’s structure. Uppers typically consist of highly durable yet breathable material to keep feet contained and aerated during intense workouts, meets or tourneys.

Flat-Footed is Sure-Footed

Wrestling kicks have flat-footed soles boasting rich, ridged texture for increased traction, grip and stability. Flat soles come in extra handy when it’s time to drive your heels deep into the floor on sickening squats or ridiculously weighted lunges. The same soles help maintain a greater sense of balance when your pivoting, kicking, spinning or setting up a double-leg takedown.

Colorways for Everyday

The days of basic black or white wrestling kicks are over. Today’s kicks come in all kinds of colorways and patterns, from brilliant neon solids to camo and USA weightlifting-themed effects. Pairs come with matching or clashing laces, but customizing looks with specially purchased laces lets competitors bring team colors or event-specific colors to the fight.

Swing by, online home of Bodybuilding Crossfit Weightlifting MMA Shoes & Martial Arts Gear, a longtime provider of pro wrestling shoes and kicks for top competitors in an array of sports.

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