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New and Exciting Carpet Trends to Consider For Your Home in Aurora

Experts often suggest that your carpet should get replaced every 5-15 years. The time frame that you choose heavily depends on how often the traffic is in your home. Because you will be looking at your flooring for a good amount of years, you should use it to bring creativity and personality to your home. Although tans and grays are most common, there are new styles available with breathtaking colors and jaw-dropping patterns. Here are popular carpet trends that you could try.


Jewel tones are any colors that resemble gemstones like turquoise or sapphire blue. When used correctly, these colors highlight your personality and make a strong statement to your guests. For instance, emerald green may not seem like it would work well with carpets in Aurora, but it actually can be stunning paired with black and white furnishings. Or, if you are decorating a masculine space with golden tones and opulent wood pieces, a ruby red carpet adds to the elegance.


Carpets adorned with patterns or designs can set an example for your entire room. Whatever style you choose to use will make it much easier to decorate the rest of the space. If your furnishings are simple, the pattern can bring more excitement to your place and serve as a focal point. With carpet from Aurora as the star of your room, you will have a starting point for the rest of your residence.

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