New Tiny Homes in Everett, WA Save You Money

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Cottages

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When you are looking to purchase a new home, you may find the costs are way above your budget options. Tiny homes in Everett, WA are growing in popularity because they are affordable, modern, and have all the benefits of home without the high price tag.

Tiny homes come in a wide range of designs. Would you like a permanent dining room table for extra cooking space or one that folds out for extra floor space? Did you know that tiny homes offer one-, two-, and even loft bedroom options?

Buying a New Tiny Home

New tiny homes in Everett WA offer financing options. When you are financing any home or vehicle, you should always pay attention to the interest rate.

If you want to spend a little less money and are interested in finishing the project yourself, some companies offer appliance-free and unfinished tiny houses that include the framing, sheathing, and roofing. Whether you buy a fully furnished tiny home or a new construction tiny home, the price and overall interest rate cost is significantly less than standard sized homes.

Reduce Interest

When you apply for a mortgage with no money down, the interest rate is often much higher. If your interest rate is 3.4% on a $250,000 home for 30 years, you will be paying over $150,000 in interest alone. $150,000 is more expensive than most tiny homes.

Tiny homes continue to grow in popularity because of simply the costs. You can purchase a small plot of undeveloped land and a tiny home for a lesser cost than most homes across the country.

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